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Saturday, 02. November 2013

Huffpost Workouts: Run It Out
By cierramull, 19:22

The caveat: So you think you want to sign up for a mud run? Youll need to assess your fitness level, warns Rowley. "Those who are not in great physical shape may not be the best candidates for mud runs because strength and stamina play a big role in completing." 2 HIIT HIIT (high-intensity interval training) involves doing a short burst of exercise followed by a time of active rest (moving during your rest period). This ultra-popular workout is great for people with busy schedules since they pack a lot of calorie burn into a short amount of time. Rowley notes that you can also use the technique to tone.

Over the next few years, the company plans to open some 100 fitness studios around the United States. In San Diego, the studio doesnt feature a traditional gym registration desk, but a lounge area with an iPad where members check themselves in. Also, you wont find any treadmills or weights of any kind, just an array of 16 or so Fitwalls, or vertical training modalities, which tower more than 2m tall with four moving rungs for your feet, four permanent tiers to grip, and an attached iPad to monitor your workouts. The Fitwall can accommodate 900 different exercises, and each 40-minute class covers strength, cardio, and MAX Workouts Ebook Free Download flexibility, all led by a certified Fitwall instructor. However, the price for joining Fitwall doesnt come cheap, starting at US$120 (RM372) a month, but the studio hopes to draw affluent fitness buffs who might otherwise shell out cash for CrossFit or yoga.

13 athletes share killer workouts

But I've found that my most successful runs happen when I'm not worried about my distance, time or how many calories I think I've burned. My great runs are more of a release than a workout, just time for myself to let go and leave any stress or frustration on the pavement (or treadmill). This playlist is filled with lines that inspire me to do just that. Beginning with "We Are Young," I start to get into the zone, and by the time I hear "I don't care, I love it!" I'm letting it all go. The last song, "Take a Walk," reminds me that putting one foot in front of the other may be the best way to address any negative tension that builds up throughout the day.

Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix shares the ghastly workout that fills her heart with dread. Beware. There really are things that go bump on the track. To celebrate Halloween, we've asked 13 athletes to share their scariest workouts.

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